Hello kindred spirit,

You and I share a lot in common. We love beautiful things and far off places, and we’re always searching for something more. Something bigger, bolder, more meaningful and more beautiful than before.

My life and work is driven by this search for meaning. I’ve dabbled in various jobs and careers but it’s photography that won my heart. It gives me permission to live larger, look closer and connect deeper.

I photograph weddings and fashion and the two creative halves make me whole. Fashion feeds my need to create something beautiful from scratch and weddings satisfy my desire to create pictures with more meaning. Pictures that last and have a longer shelf life than the vagaries of fashion. Pictures that become heirlooms and are passed from generation to generation. My two photography loves feed into each other in a delicious creative synergy - my wedding practice give my fashion pictures spontaneity and my fashion work gives my wedding pictures a creative edge.

In my wedding photography I work to balance the produced with the raw, the directed with the real, always searching for an essential truth that is difficult to define but easy to see when achieved.

Yes, I’m a little obsessed with my craft, but your experience is my main concern. You’re searching for photography with meaning and love, images that make you look incredible. Let’s create beautiful pictures together for you and everyone you love.

Myles x